Getting Started

The first time you run Puggle, the following dialog will appear.

The dialog is seperated in four sections. Each section will be described clearly in the following paragraphs.

The first step is to define the path (or paths) that will be indexed in the Indexing Folders section. By clicking the button that lies near the form you can select the directories you want to index. Notice that if you select a directory to index, all the underlying directory tree will be indexed too.

In the Indexing Options section you can choose if you want the text and the thumbnails of each file to be stored. Both options will increase the size of the final index, although they will be displayed at the results at the searching phase.

In the Filetypes section simply select the types of files that you want to be indexed by Puggle.

By clicking the close button, all options are saved to the disk and the Puggle window is started.

At this time, Puggle is indexing all files, in regards to the configuration options that were entered in the previous dialog.

Using the start and stop buttons, you can force indexing to start and stop on demand. It is important, however, to let the indexing process complete successful in order to have accurate searching results.

Finally, you can enter queries in the search form. The results will be shown in the main panel.

Enjoy puggling..!